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- Valentines Menu -

Explore our Valentines menu for you and your special date to indulge in a traditional night from the Maharaja's. 

There will be live performance of music too. 

Choose a starter, main and dessert each!
£37.95 per person


Aloo Tikki
Potato and baby spinach patties, shallow fried and served on a bed of spiced chickpeas, yoghurt, mint yoghurt and tamarind sauce.

Paneer Shashlik

Indian cottage cheese in a marinade of hung yoghurt, fresh herbs & spices, grilled in a tandoor with bell peppers and red onions.


Tandoori Prawns

King prawns in a marinade of fresh mango, Kashmiri chilli, ginger, garlic & fresh coriander.


Chicken Roast Chana

Char grilled boneless chicken thigh in a marination of roasted channa, fresh ginger, garlic and freshly pounded channa masala. Served with a side of home-made chutney.

Crab Samosa

A softshell white crab meat in a pastry casing & served on a bed of spicy chickpeas.


Lamb Cutlets

Tender lamb cutlets marinated with fresh ground spices a hint of ginger, garlic & Fresh mint.


Lal Mirchi

Tender fillet of chicken marinated with smoked yoghurt, sun-dried Kashmiri red chilli & roasted cinnamon.


Mix Platter for One

A mouth-watering combination of Aloo Tikki, Lamb Cutlets & Chicken Roast Chana Kebab served with a chickpea masala and mint yogurt.

Main Course

Lal Mass (Madras)

Chunks of lamb leg fillet simmered with roasted Kashmiri red chilli peppers, crushed cumin, coriander & pan-roasted plum tomatoes. Finished with fresh coriander leaves.


Nagpuri Goat

Pot roasted over slow fire boneless leg of kid Goat with Nagpuri masala mix, roasted ginger and garlic. Finished with fresh coriander leaves, fresh red chilli and julienned ginger.


Butter Chicken

Bite sized tandoori chicken fillets simmered in a butter masala sauce with fresh cream, tomatoes & cashew-nuts paste.


Chicken Karahi

Chicken simmered with roasted tomatoes & peppers, sliced onions, garlic & ginger. Finished with fresh coriander.

Goan Fish Curry

Fillet of Salmon, in a coconut and tomato base sauce with roasted mustard seeds and curry leaves. Finished with fresh coriander.


Saag Aloo

Fresh spinach, pan-roasted potatoe with ginger, garlic and fenugreek.


Tadka Daal

Eclectic mix of five lentils with a roasted panchmel masala.


Vegetable Biriyani

Pot-roasted vegetable & basmati rice with fresh mint & coriander, julienne ginger & Biriyani masala served with a side of yoghurt raita.


Choose a bread each and a rice to share:


Pilau Rice

Steamed Rice

Onion and Garlic rice



Garlic Naan


Pashwari Naan




Cocktail menu on the night!